Minnesota Gets Its First Black-Owned Bookstore, Making History

Black Garnet Books is now the very first black owned bookstore in the state of Minnesota, owned by Dionne Sims who has just made history.

Remember that this is the same state where massive protests started and haven’t ceased yet since the murder of George Floyd by police officers when three officers placed so much weight on the back of Floyd as well as a knee on his neck while another officer stood watch for eight minutes until Floyd was crushed to death.

This is a major move that Dionne Sims has made for the state that has become the spotlight for change as she was moved one day launch the store a week after George Floyd’s death.

In an interview with FOX 9, Sims explains how she took the week off from work after Floyd’s death to help in the community, and from that, got a sense of fulfillment that she hadn’t had on her nine to five along with giving her an escape in books. However, when she went to escape into books, she tried to find a black owned bookstore, and there were none at all in her area.

Therefore, taking the initiative, she opened her very own. The books that are most popular are those that are anti-racism and fantasy. Visit Black Garnet Books here.

Purchase a book on anti-racism and a portion of your sale will go towards an important cause!

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