Michelle Williams Discusses the Benefits of Therapy & Her New Book With Tina Knowles

It’s nice to see how Michelle Williams whom we all know as a solo artist and now author as well as a member of the group Destiny’s Child where she sang with Beyonce’ and Kelly Rowland, has grown into her own truth and has allowed it to set her free. Where she once didn’t speak on her depression, she has now revealed it and more encouraging words in Checking In.

Today, she joined Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles on Facebook’s Audio and Video Rooms. It was here that they both discussed therapy for trauma and therapy even when there is no trauma! Laying it out, therapy shouldn’t be taboo. In Michelle’s words:

“Therapy is supposed to be a safe place within those four walls or that Zoom session where you can process trauma, and guess what! Therapy doesn’t always have to be where you’re talking about sad things or bad things. You can process a transition that you’re nervous to make. They can coach you and guide you.”

Click below to listen to the full audio.