Michaela Angela Davis Talks Mariah Carey’s Book – What It Definitely Is And What It Is Not

In an interview with Harriette Cole, Michaela Angela Davis, the writer/author who transcribed and shaped Mariah Carey’s stories as Mariah released to her intimate details of her life over time in hotels and in the Mariah Carey’s famous Moroccan room of her home, talks about how she came to work with Mariah Carey on her upcoming book THE MEANING OF MARIAH CAREY.

As she spoke in the interview, she relayed exactly what Mariah Carey’s book is and is not, as she took us back to how the two met and became friends after being invited to listen to her album Emancipation of MiMi.

Michaela Angela Davis goes on to say the following in the W & R interview:

She saw that I understood her identity. What it was like to be a black blonde girl or what it was like to maybe not be seen as a black person” on the first night of their meeting up. This “book is a memoir of her identity. That’s why the title is called The Meaning of Mariah Carey. This is not a celebrity tell-all. She went in…excavated her truth.”

Mariah Carey’s book is due out on September 29th.

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