Michael J. Fox Talks His Point of Regret In Pre-Book Release Interview

Michael J. Fox is such a winner. From his life and acting career, one can inspect it all and see a man that, no matter what the odds, keeps pushing.

On November 17th, Fox is to release his next book, a memoir titled No Time Like the Future: An Optimist Considers Mortality, and he is sharing bits and pieces about what inspired the book. It’s something that we don’t see when we look with only our vantage point because it seems he doesn’t show it – doubt. The book was inspired by doubt.

In his own words with People: “It was definitely the darkest moment. It was when I questioned everything. I had been through Parkinson’s for 20 30 years, however long it’s been up to that point and then I had this spine issue… they thought I was headed for paralysis.”

It was after a fall in the kitchen where he hurt himself badly he asked himself “what have I done? If I can’t put a shiny face on this, there’s no bright side to this. This is just all regret and pain.” From there, he fell into a deep moment of regret, but not for himself, but for everyone who tried to help him. He felt everyone had put in so much effort to help him and he’d let them down with that fall.

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