Matthew McConaughey Talks Stitches, Lions and Literal Lumber-Jacking in Pre-Book Release Interview

In case anyone missed it like I did because I just had a bunch of catch up with other entertaining things on my plate, actor Matthew McConaughey sat down with Jimmy Kimmel one of these recent past nights to talk about his October 20th book release titled Greenlights. (Just click here if you want to discover why the title Greenlights.)

As soon as you click play and McConaughey pops up, you see him with the stoplight cap and sweatshirt all greenlit, so the advertising is on full blast. Jimmy Kimmel loves it, calls it “so good…so much crazy stuff in this book.”, and just by the vibe Matthew seems to always give off, surely Greenlights will be a great read.

Inside the book, you will learn about Matthew and the stitches, Matthew and the lion…not quite like King David of the Bible, but close … and little Matthew the nighttime lumber bandit aka lumber jacker.

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