Mary L. Trump Freed To Speak While TOO MUCH & NEVER ENOUGH Pulls No Punches

Today, Mary L. Trump’s book TOO MUCH & NEVER ENOUGH hit e-readers all across the globe, and as soon as one reads the first twenty pages, one can see that the memoir pulls no punches, calling her family and her uncle and President of the USA, Donald Trump, as Trump is.

Here are some clips:

There is more – much more – but you will have to get the book. Go ahead. Just the first twenty pages make you not want but need to read more. This deserves to be a bestseller because it tells all.

Meanwhile, the author has been set free and allowed to speak finally about the book she wrote about the dangerous man named Donald Trump. There was a restraining order in the terms of a confidentiality that would have prevented Mary Trump from talking about the family, however, a judge canned that confidentiality agreement right before the release of her bombshell book.

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