Learn About the INVISIBLE MEN, Black Artists of the Golden Age of Comics in New Book

When one thinks about comics from the early days, one may typically think white created. However, that isn’t all true. In fact, there were black artists who were behind the scenes, that no one ever knew, creating captivating art.

Could one say that these black artists shattered the glass ceiling? Yes.

According to the Amazon blurb, INVISIBLE MEN: Black Artists of the Golden Age of Comics by Ken Quattro uses “primary source material from World War II-era Black newspapers and magazines, this compelling book profiles pioneers like E.C. Stoner, a descendant of one of George Washington’s slaves. Stoner became a renowned fine artist of the Harlem Renaissance. Perhaps more fascinating is Owen Middleton who was sentenced to life in Sing Sing. Then there is Matt Baker, the most revered of the Black artists, whose exquisite art spotlights stunning women and men, and who drew the first groundbreaking Black comic book hero, Vooda! Gorgeously illustrated with rare examples of each artist’s work, including full stories from mainstream comic books to rare titles like All-Negro Comics and Negro Heroes, plus unpublished artist’s photos and art. Invisible Men: The Trailblazing Black Artists of Comic Books features Ken Quattro’s over 20 years of impeccable research and writing. The social and cultural environments that formed these extraordinary artists are deftly detailed by Quattro in this must-have book!”

Honestly, this book is a must have because it’s rare to even hear about the invisible black men that shaped the world of comics. It sounds like this book is a treasure, and one to share with many.

It is to release on July 29, 2020.

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