Kindle Vella – A New Way To Publish Stories & Read In Kindle Mobile App For Authors & Readers

There is something brand new that Amazon is delivering to all writers and authors that makes it very easy to engage with readers in an inventive way and for readers to enjoy fantastic stories! Kindle Vella is the brand new interactive way Amazon is bringing author and readers together in the Kindle Mobile App through serial, or episodic, stories! It allows authors to write serial, or episodic, stories of up to 5,000 words. Each episode will release to readers upon the purchase of the next episode from readers who want to keep going!

Right now, Kindle Vella is in the beta stage, but it will be up and running for readers in the few months. There is no need for authors to wait, however. Authors can write their serial stories right now and they will be delivered to readers when it becomes available.

As far as authors are concerned, they have the ability to future date episodes as well as drop them immediately, and approval of the story depends on authors following all content guidelines such as:

  • the story can’t be published in any other book
  • the story can’t be already in public domain
  • the story can’t be a broken down version of a previously published, however, it can be a continuance of another book in serial form

So how do authors get paid from Kindle Vella? Authors will receive 50% of all royalties when readers buy the needed tokens to unlock their episodes. The first few episodes of every story will be free for readers and then the “number of number of Tokens needed to unlock an episode is determined by the episode‚Äôs word count at the rate of one token per 100 words.” An example would be that it would take 8 tokens to open an 800 word episode.

As far as readers are concerned, they get to unlock episodes whenever they are available and/or as they become more and more intrigued with the story. It won’t be like reading a full book which is available to everyone, but it definitely is like reading something exclusive to only Kindle Vella from their favorite authors. Also, they can interact with the story’s episodes with “thumbs up” and even fave the episode with a “crown” for the episodes they loved the most.

Check out the short Kindle Vella video below:

Authors can get started writing their Kindle Vella stories today through their KDP accounts.