Kevin Hart’s Upcoming “THE DECISION” Will Inspire & Conquer With Positivity

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart is, in his own words, “recording a book about conquering your mental obstacles and setting new and higher bars to reach ” for himself, and along the way, it looks like once we all listen to this amazing entertainer’s book, we will be inspired ourselves. The audiobook is titled THE DECISION, and Hart is taking us all on the journey of its creation on his Instagram.


Kevin Hart is no stranger to success as he is one of the highest grossing entertainers in the industry, but he is also no stranger to failures and controversies to which he has risen above them all.

THE DECISION won’t be Kevin Hart’s first book. In 2018, Kevin Hart became an author with the book titled I CAN’T MAKE THIS UP which is still a best seller.

The release date for THE DECISION is May 21st 2020.

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