Keke Palmer To Release Her Book Series of Southern Belle Insults In November!

Keke Palmer is coming with the Southern Belle Insults book collection in November, starting on the 9th, in collaboration with best selling author Jasmine Guillory who wrote such stories as The Proposal and The Wedding Party!

This will be Keke Palmer’s first fiction book series release and it’s all published by Amazon Original Stories. The Southern Belle Insults book series will have five books total, and it looks like they will be available on Kindle Unlimited which is big news because it’s super rare that any celebrity books are on the K to the U.

Now let’s get to it with My Dear Friend Janet, the first book that will lead on into reading the second, third, fourth and fifth. But let’s start with this magical wig! Yes, it’s a magical wig for a woman who fails to live in all her Black Girl Magic because she has yet to claim it! She must claim her excellence and more, and it all starts inside Book One!

Let’s back up a bit. Keke Palmer’s Southern Belle Insults has been around for while now but not in literature, so if you want to get a full compilation, view below. Maybe you’ll discover exactly what you’re getting yourself into with this hilarious series.