Judge Stops Trump Administration; Gives Go Ahead To John Bolton’s Book

There has been a whole fight going on when it comes to John Bolton’s book, THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENED, as the Trump administration did not want the book to release on June 23rd because of the explosive accusations against President Trump and what Bolton knows as the former National Security Advisor of the USA.

The Trump administration has tried to blocked the release of the book from day one after finding out the details of what is in the book, such as how Bolton describes what is chaos from the Trump White House and the president himself.

According to Independent, inside THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENED, Trump allegedly asked foreign countries to help him in his re-election, especially China, where he asked China to purchase more US farming products to help him win. Not only that, but Trump thought the idea of concentration camps were a good thing for Muslims.

It doesn’t stop there. According to the book, Trump allegedly backed the assassination of journalists.

It looks like the Trump administration’s fight to silence freedom of press and speech is getting a no-go from the constitution of the United States of America’s judges. The judge has blocked the Trump administration from blocking the release of John Bolton’s book.

Get ready to read.

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