Jessica Simpson Is About To Release Her OPEN BOOK

Singer and reality show star Jessica Simpson is becoming an author and will release her first memoir in February 2020 titled OPEN BOOK.

We remember watching Jessica Simpson in her marriage to Nick Lachey on the show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica which premiered back in 2003. The reality show was a large look into what was the exciting world of Jessica Simpson, however, not only did the reality show end, but her marriage to Nick ended as well.

Now, it looks like we will get even more details about Jessica and her life, including some things we may not have known before about the split in her marriage to Nick.

Of course, the two are now both remarried to other people, and they both have adorable families, however, one must wonder what more does Jessica have to say now that the dust has settled? Will it stir the pot or will it completely close the chapter?

To find out, pre-order on Amazon.

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