JEEZY’S “TRUST YA PROCESS” To Go From the Block to the Boardroom

A rap artist born in Columbia, South Carolina and raised in Atlanta, Georgia ended up becoming very well known by a name other than the one of his birth, Jay Wayne Jenkins. Who might this rap artist be that is so heavily tied to what is known as trap music? His name is JEEZY, and he is preparing to release a book titled TRUST YA PROCESS: How To Hustle From the Block To The Boardroom.

Jeezy has co-authored the book with Benjamin Meadows-Ingram who also co-authored Scarface’s Diary of a Madman:The Geto Boys, Life, Death, and the Roots of Southern Rap. Inside TRUST YA PROCESS, Jeezy aims to help others by discussing how he went about gaining success in the industry and how he never gave up on his hustle. Jeezy will bring all of the knowledge he has learned and been inspired from by from books and more, put it together and showing how the various principles he learned and lived by helped him to reach a point in his life that he calls success in business. Therefore, you will definitely gain knowledge on how Jeezy went from the block to the boardroom in this upcoming release.

In 2018, Jeezy released his final album. TRUST YA PROCESS will be his first book release, slated for June 30, 2020. Jeezy has already released a Trust Ya Process mixtape in 2019. Stay updated for the official book cover release.

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