James Patterson & Son Jack Talk New Book Penguins of America, Also Writing Book With President Bill Clinton

James Patterson and his son Jack recently released a new book titled Penguins of America, and they sat down with CBS to discuss this new title which compares humans to penguins.

Published with full illustration, the book brings a comical comparison between humans and penguins in their day to day life, from relaxing to taking things far too seriously.

During the interview, James Patterson reveals how he and his son developed the concept for the book and how they came up with the characters.  Also revealed during the interview are the illustrations done by James Madsen, and how children to adults will find enjoyment from the book.  His son Jack reveals that he wanted the book to also prevent something called “Summer Slide” where children tend to read less, something that both he and his father decided to combat as he was growing up as a child.

Also, in news that was revealed previously, James Patterson talks about the book that he is writing with former President Clinton titled The President Is Missing, releasing on June 11th of 2018.  The description on Amazon is “A sitting U.S. President is missing. President Bill Clinton partners with #1 bestselling author James Patterson in a powerful, one-of-a-kind thriller filled with the kind of insider details that only a President can know.”  More information will be made available upon release, and James Patterson doesn’t reveal too much about this particular project during the interview.

Both books are available for order and pre-order.

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