It’s True. ONE OF US IS LYING Is Going From Book To TV Series With PEACOCK

Peacock has been on a role as it has picked up another bestseller titled One of us Is Lying to turn it into a series, according to The Fulton Critic.

One of Us Is Lying is from New York Times bestselling author Karen M. McManus about a group of very different high school students who serve detention, but the one who was set to reveal a load of secrets to the school the very next day, doesn’t make it out of detention. Why?

Because he’s all the way dead. As in dead dead.

Sound interesting? It should because it will make for a great series.

It doesn’t stop at the lying, though. There’s a sequel titled One of Us is Next which was released at the beginning of the awful year of 2020, and of course, this book is also a NY Times bestseller.

But you knew that right?

The set up of this book so reminds me of The Breakfast Club from back in the day starring Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Anthony Michael Hall, Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy from way back in 1985. Yeah, they were all in detention but no one ended up a carcass.

Her books have been translated into just about every language familiar and not so familiar to mankind and she holds a degree in Journalism. As a matter of fact, she was on the very first YA Book Club Live Penguin Platform to talk her bestsellers and answer questions from readers!

You can watch it here or on YouTube…you know…just in case the video stops being shown below.

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