In November, Michael Eric Dyson Will Release JAY-Z: MADE IN AMERICA

Since the NFL went into partnership with Jay-Z’s RocNation, Michael Eric Dawson has backed the rapper all they way while many people believe that Jay-Z shouldn’t have ever went into partnership with them at all due to the controversial issues surrounding the NFL and what many view as racist policies. The reason that is being floated as to why the partnership took place was for insight on social justice issues, music and also entertainment.

Michael Eric Dawson fully believes that the NFL Jay-Z collaboration will be positive and is necessary, writing a detailed article about it in the Washington Post, basically calling it activism in action. He is also quoted as stating in an interview that many people have “overreacted” to the news of the partnership, and if one reads his opinion piece in the Washington Post, one will see how and why he feels the need to support Jay-Z with his NFL partnership. His reasoning is that social justice issues need people on the inside and the outside. He doesn’t believe that Jay-Z is a sellout, but instead, is capable of working both sides, with his people and for his people, in very different ways where not many are able to do.

All that being stated, the author and professor is releasing a book titled Jay-Z: Made in America, due for release right before Thanksgiving on November 26th. In this book, he reviews the life of Jay-Z in 240 pages, both musically, socially and politically, attempting to paint a full picture of the man that he sees as having assisted black people on many angles, even the angles that many may not see.

Interested in the viewpoints? Give it a read.

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