Horror, Anyone? Pick Up These New Fiction February/March 2021, Starting With The Umbrella Lady!

Author V.C. Andrews will release the mystery horror of The Umbrella Lady on February 2, 2021. The story will follow a girl who calmly awaits her father to return, but when he doesn’t return, she finds security in the lady with the umbrella until that lady is none of what she thought she was.

Didn’t daddy teach her not to talk to strangers? Maybe not.

It’s almost time to get lost in a new book by Camilla Sten titled The Lost Village, where many people went missing except for two, and someone wants to find out what exactly happened. Upon uncovering the unknown, someone or something is watching. They aren’t alone.

To be released on March 23rd.

Don’t look downstairs, but instead, look at The Upstairs House by Julia Fine that will release on February 23rd which follows the story of the upstairs author and the woman who is going through serious postpartum, and in a ghostly twist, the woman downstairs ends up in the concocted story of the author upstairs.

Postpartum and psychological horror comes face to face.

On February 9th, Isabel Yap will release her next horror anthology titled Never Have I Ever which follows immigrant tales, including her latest A Spell for Foolish Hearts and Have You Heard the One About AnaMaria Marquez.

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