Have You Ever Been Picked Apart? Rebecca Carroll Tells How She Survived the White Gaze In Upcoming Book

Author and black cultural critic Rebecca Carroll is telling her story in a memoir titled SURVIVING THE WHITE GAZE because that’s just what she had to survive – the White Gaze – being the only black little girl in the small New Hampshire town. The older she got, the more isolated she felt, especially after meeting her birth mother – a white woman who took her self esteem to a serious low.

It took years until she was finally able to heal, and she tells about her whole survival journey in the upcoming book that is due out on February 2, 2021, being published by Simon & Schuster.

It’s mostly a good thing to step in the shoes of someone else which is why reading memoir of this type is so good. It gives the reader a sense of awareness and expands ones sensitivities when it comes to anyone who may happen to be unlike everyone around them.

This is why Surviving the White Gaze should be on everyone’s list to read.

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