Grab These Great Books For Your College-Bound Teen!

It happens! Children grow up, and parents want them to be prepared for many of the unknown pressures of moving into adulthood as well as the newness of college life. Well, just in case they forget their parents’ words of wisdom, there are some books written just for the transition.

Abraham Lewis has written a terrific book titled College Ruled: Ten Rules for College Christian Relationships, and inside are tools that help guide any college-bound teen to maintaining a relationship with God along with other relationships that are just as vital to being a Christian in any college. It also give tips on how to navigate roommate relationships as well as a variety of temptations.

From the blurb, “This book reminds you that being a Christian is an advantage in every situation, especially college.”

Communication is key to success in college and beyond! Many teens still haven’t mastered the art of communication, so make the transition easier with the 4 Essential Keys to Effective Communication in Love, Life, Work – Anywhere by Bento C. Leal III.

Improving communications skills is key to a great college experience, so why not get the skills down with a 12 Day communication challenge after learning how to effectively listen and actually hear the other person, along with managing conflicts and nurturing relationships.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being shy, but if it impedes growth in areas, it can really become a hassle and such a huge burden. In college, there will be many times where being in front of a crowd is a must, so prepare to ditch shyness when necessary with some hard core tips in the book Screw Being Shy: Learn How to Manage Social Anxiety & Be Yourself In Front of Anyone by Mark Metry.

You think your eyes hurt reading this? Think college and then add notetaking and studying to the mix.

There’s are easier and very effective ways of studying and note taking so that students spend less time studying and more time remembering what they wrote. Get some great tips in the book Effective Notetaking by Fiona McPherson, PhD.