Go Deep Into THE CHIFFON TRENCHES With Fashion’s Andre’ Leon Talley As He Tells All

Fashion. Vogue. A coming of age story from the depths of the segregated south in the mid 1900s to the world of high fashion where he pushed diversity by having more African American faces in runway shows while being director and editor at Vogue. From here the list still goes on.

All these things represent author and one of fashion’s highest, Andre’ Leon Talley, who will release a new memoir titled The Chiffon Trenches which chronicles the last 50 years of fashion, and how Andre’ beat racism, rumors and other struggles to still land at the top, beating all odds.

The Chiffon Trenches is being published by Ballentine Books with a release date of May 19, 2020, and it already a bestseller by pre-order.

There is already word of some sticky words that have been revealed from the inside of the book against Vogue editor Anna Wintour, saying that she isn’t capable of “human kindness”. Therefore it is assumed that Andre Talley will reveal everything from his own life and perspective in the trenches!

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