From Broke To Financially Free, Real Estate Mogul Cesar Pina Tells About It All In New Book Flipping Keys

Real estate mogul and author Cesar Pina owns 1,000 plus properties in the United States, but he didn’t inherit any of it. He worked hard for it, moving from fast money, illegal dealing on the streets of NY to making real estate deals in the millions after learning from his mistakes and spending time behind bars. He now makes money the right way, and this is what the book FLIPPING KEYS is all about.

Flipping Keys will release on March 23rd, but if you want to watch his interview with The Breakfast Club where he talks about getting his start in real estate in the year 2008. He had no money, so he had to sell jewelry etc in order to get the capital because at that time, he had no luck getting a loan. However, on his first deal, he made 70 thousand dollars.

Cesar Pina is now teaching people how to gain financial freedom.

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