“FREE CYNTOIA” Chases Redemption When Raped of Life Through Pimps & Prison

Most of us have heard the story of Cyntoia Brown, a young lady who, when she was a teenager, shot and killed a man by the name of Johnny Allen in what she said was self defense after she was “picked up”.

Cyntoia was forced into prostitution at a young age through a pimp, and it was the encounter with Allen that would land her in prison for nearly her whole life because she “feared for her life” and shot him with her own gun, provided by her pimp. She was a 16 year old teenager at the time of the murder. Allen was shot in the back of his head and also robbed.

Cyntoia was sentenced to 51 years in prison for the murder but through the support of many celebrities and a new trial, she was able to gain freedom through clemency.

There was a documentary of her life made in 2011 titled Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story, however, now Cyntoia is releasing a book titled FREE CYNTOIA: MY SEARCH FOR REDEMPTION IN THE AMERICAN PRISON SYSTEM. She will tell her own story in her own words in this coming of age autobiography where she reveals her own fears and low self worth after being born into a family of prostitution and addiction which led her into her own awful life of prostitution at the hands of a pimp until she found God and motivation to live beyond what happened to her while in prison, gaining an education and true freedom.

FREE CYNTOIA releases on October 15th. For more background on this story and conviction, click here.

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