Former Vice President Mike Pence Signs With Simon & Schuster In Two Book Deal

We haven’t heard the last from the former Vice President Mike Pence since he has left the White House. Pence has signed a two book deal with publisher Simon & Schuster.

Of the two books written by Pence, the first book to be published will be a memoir, or autobiography, tracing his path in public service all the way to his days in the White House. The book is yet untitled, however, it will release in the year 2023.

Hopefully, the autobiography will bring a full, detailed scope of items such as what was going on in his own mind and the honesty of what he thought, including any disagreements he may have had with the administration, that has so far been left unstated, if they exist at all. There is always a chance, however that Pence will remain silent, and the autobiography won’t bring drama but general glossovers of what one can potentially find in any random write up, without the tell-alls included.