Former US Ambassador Nikki Haley To Release 2nd Book WITH ALL DUE RESPECT

Once the governor of South Carolina before moving into and re-moving herself from the office of United States Ambassador to the United Nations after only one year, Nikki (real name Nimarata) Haley is releasing her second book titled WITH ALL DUE RESPECT: DEFENDING AMERICA WITH GRIT AND GRACE which will hit stores on November 12th.

WITH ALL DUE RESPECT will center on the Clemson University graduate’s perspective when she served as the US Ambassador under the Trump administration and also serve to show how women can hold their own under pressure and even when unpopular.

She has come under fire for her support of Donald Trump, but most recently, she went against Trump’s decision to pull out of Syria in a tweet, calling it a “big mistake” as it is “leaving them [the Kurds] to die”.

Pre-order With All Due Respect on Amazon, and take note that she is using the R, her maiden name initial, in this latest title. In her previous title, CAN’T IS NOT AN OPTION, the initial for her maiden name Randhawa was omitted. Therefore, her name will read Nikki R. Haley on With All Due Respect.

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