Former President Obama’s Reported Ex-Girlfriend Causing Stir On Social Media In New Book “Rising Star”

The upcoming book by author David J. Garrow titled Rising Star is garnering a large amount of attention due to the fact that it is subtitled The Making of Barack Obama as a biography, but because tied to the book is a female named Sheila Jager who is reportedly claiming that she was the former president’s first choice to marry before he even began a relationship with the former First Lady Michelle Obama while claiming that while Obama dated Michelle, they’d seen each other as well.  Not only that, but there are also reportedly claims in the book that he made emotional sacrifices to reach his goals in life (which can’t be seen as a bad thing as most successful, career oriented people do early on in their lives).  One of the emotional sacrifices, according to the book, was choosing race and politics over his supposed first love who happened to be white and Japanese.  This is highly questionable to many.

Obviously, there is backlash toward the woman all across social media concerning this odd revelation because it seems to many that bringing up someone such as Sheila or any other woman whom Obama dated prior to marriage is a far stretch, or reach, as an attempt to make him less of the stand up guy that most people in America and around the world have come to adore.  It throws a false slant at the book due to the fact that the woman whom he reportedly dated as Sheila was really not a factor at all, especially after rejecting the former president’s advances toward an engagement in the first place, making it not his fault, but actually her own, that they never even got engaged.

The real obvious question is, what else is a man to do except move on, basically making it not about career motive, but actually finding a woman who loves and wants to marry him back?  Was Barack Obama not allowed to move on?  Yes, he certainly was.

Many are questioning why the book even mentions her as seemingly so critical in Obama’s life being that there is no real relevance to his relationship with him while he was married to Michelle at all.

Besides that, Rising Star releases to the public on May 9th.



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