Fonda Lee’s Jade City Being Adapted In to Peacock Series; Author Talks Jade City Inspiration

Fonda Lee’s first book Jade City of The Green Bone Saga is being adapted into a series by Peacock, according to Deadline.

Here is the gist behind Jade City. So there is Jade, the most wanted that provides power to the clans that live among it. However, when the power structure is shaken, there will be fights from within and from the outside as the opposing clans struggle to take and keep power.

Jade Legacy will be the third book in the series to release in 2021.

Canadian born Fonda Lee is not only an award winning science fiction and fantasy author, having won the World Fantasy Award for Jade City and also winning the Aurora Award multiple times while also writing comics for Marvel, she is also a black belt martial artist.

In a recent interview where Fonda Lee talks Jade City with Daniel Greene, she spoke about where she came up with idea of Jade City, stating that “Jade City started as the title. I have a note in my writing notebook dating back to 2013 that’s just the title Jade City and then underneath it I wrote a couple of lines, and one of them was Fantasy world set in the modern era but where combat is hand to hand and power rests with those who have Jade. And then underneath that I had another line that was like ‘Cool. I have no characters and no plot.‘”

The idea rested there and stuck with her for two years, and she ended up going back to it after those two years because of how the concept of the story stuck with her for that long.

Learn more background about the story when you listen to the interview.

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