Five Young Adult Fiction Must Reads by Black Authors In January 2021

It’s January 2021, so welcome to a whole new set of of young adult fiction books written by Black authors, and we are kicking off the month with the new book by award winning author Angie Thomas, the one who wrote the phenomenal book turned film The Hate U Give.

Well, Angie Thomas’s latest release will hit on January 12. It’s a Teen/Young Adult fiction taking us a bit back in the 20th century titled CONCRETE ROSE.

CONCRETE ROSE is going to explore malehood by following a teen named Maverick, son of a gangster, who takes care of his mother doing what he has learned all his life – dealing because his father is no longer around.

However, he soon becomes a father and wants to go straight, but will his gang ties let him?

Meanwhile, on the same release date of January 12, 2021, author Randi Pink is releasing another historical young adult novel that takes place during Black Wall Street’s Greenwood Massacre in 1921. The title of the book is ANGEL OF GREENWOOD.

The brutality of the massacre in Oklahoma is no secret, and this story will follow 17 year old Isaiah Wilson who is a talented writer, but he keeps it secret. He’s known for being a troublemaker instead.

Along with Isaiah, the story also follows Angel Hill, a girl who is always up to good being a Christian.

These two youngsters end up working together when the white mob crosses the tracks to destroy the only life they know.

A debut fantasy following a Black teen who discovers her godly ancestry and is called to save the world will release on January 26, 2021 by author J. Elle titled Wings of Ebony.

For many, there aren’t enough fantasy with Black characters as protagonists, but J. Elle is serving fantasy readers with her character named Rue, whose mother is shot dead, forced to live with her father and then taken to Ghizon which is a hidden island of magic wielders.

Rue is half-god and half-human, and caught up between living in Ghizon or returning to see her sister in Houston, she makes her decision and flees Ghizon to find herself in a fight to save her old neighborhood before the gods destroy it.

ONE OF THE GOOD ONES will be released on January 5th by authors Maika Moulite and Maritza Moulite. It’s a story that follows history buff and teenage activist who is killed, leaving her sister in sadness while also wondering about how her late sister is being remembered.

She was remembered as one of the good ones. But why is that? Aren’t all people worthy to be missed? From there, she goes on a mission that leads to something never expected.

Who doesn’t love novel in verse? Author Mahogany L. Browne has written CHLORINE SKY which is due out on Jaunary 12, 2021, and follows the life of two friends who split up as one steps out of the former friend’s shadow.

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