Feeling a Bit “EMF*D”? Dr. Joseph Mercola Shares Dangers of Wi-Fi, Cell Phones In Upcoming Book

The author of multiple books on diet and healthy living is releasing yet another book on February 18th of 2020 about how everyday items such as Wi-Fi and cellular phones could be harmful to our health.

In best selling author Dr. Joseph Mercola’s upcoming book EMF*D: 5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones Hidden Harms and How to Protect Yourself, he will reveal the dangers of what we know as electromagnetic fields, and yes, by now, they are mostly everywhere around the world, including in most homes and if not in homes, in schools, libraries and even fast food restaurants.

In other words, yes, the unseen alien is among us and it is touching us right now. Question is what do we do about the dangers it brings?

Dr. Joseph Mercola has written inside his book ways to protect ourselves from EMFs, which have been said to have a correlation to cancer and even heart problems, as he is a professional of alternative medicine. Actually, he’s already written numerous books which tackle the question of how to get and maintain health through food and exercise.

Adding EMF*D to the bunch of healthy reads looks to be a must. Check out Dr. Mercola as he talks about a disease that most of us may already have – a lack of muscle mass. Afterwards, you may want to pre-order his upcoming arrival on Amazon.

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