#EndSARS – The Fight To End Nigeria’s Corrupt Police Practices; Learn More In These Books

Everyone’s In On the Game: Corruption and Human Rights Abuses by the Nigeria Police Force by Human Rights Watch is a guide trying to make people aware of exactly what is going on with the Nigerian Police force.

All over the world, people, particularly Black people, have had serious issues with police. Just this past week, there have been massive protests in Nigeria, led by the young people the country, taking the streets in Lagos, in a push for an end to SARS completely.

SARS, in short, is a portion of the police force of Nigeria that harasses the youth, takes their money, phones, locks them up and more, including kills them, for appearing nice, looking a certain way or having nice things. You read that right.

SARS assumes young people are doing something illegal without any proof, and through corrupt practices, SARS uses that as the excuse to hound them, arrest them and take their goods and money solely because they want to and can. SARS has even been accused of plain murder and assaulting innocent individuals, some of it caught on tape.

Everyone’s in on the Game. Nothing has been done about it for years.

Take a look at the videos below to get a closer, more in depth look at what the corruption of the Nigerian police has led to – an outpouring of protests in the streets, all under President Buhari’s watch.

Other literature to read on Nigerian police corruption are below:

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