Elijah Cummings Posthumously Releasing New Book “WE’RE BETTER THAN THIS”

Representative Elijah Cummings, who passed away in 2019 and was a civil rights activist, will posthumously release a new book on September 22, 2020 titled WE’RE BETTER THAN THIS: My Fight For the Future of Our Democracy.

Although he has passed on, Representative Cummings still lives on through not only our memories of him, but his writings, teachings and his strong legacy as a leader of civil rights.

According to the Amazon write up, WE’RE BETTER THAN THIS is all of what follows:

He said it in Baltimore, a city on the verge of explosion over police treatment of citizens. He said it in Congress when microphones were shut down, barring free speech. He said it when the President flaunted his power and ignored the Constitution. He said it when the President resorted to bullying, name-calling and feeding racial divisions. We are better than this. He continued to say it until his final days last October. He said it because he believed we must call out what is wrong and call on our better selves to make things right.

In We’re Better Than This, Cummings details the formative moments in his life that prepared him to hold President Donald Trump accountable for his actions while in office. Cummings powerfully weaves together the urgent drama of modern-day politics and the defining stories from his past. He offers a unique perspective on how his upbringing as the son of sharecroppers in a South Baltimore neighborhood, rampant with racism and poverty, laid the foundation of a life spent fighting for justice.

Along with a vivid detail of what shaped Cummings is also a call to action for future generations to take hold of the fight for civil rights with complete optimism no matter how difficult.

WE’RE BETTER THAN THIS is to be released by Harper.

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