E-Books Are Definitely Big Winners During Pandemics But…

No one has to research this one, and there is definitely no need for a poll or sales numbers. It is obvious that during this COVID pandemic or any future pandemics after this one, that e-books are and will be the survivors and winners of this moment in time and as long as the internet survives.

When touching something can get a person terribly sick and even lead to hospitalization and death if the virus eventually enters into the body, and when even breathing in germs that bulldoze ones face from the flick of pages can take you from standing to bedridden, it seems like the best option for school children, avid readers, college students and all educators is to have valuable lessons learned and read from within a personal tablet.

Let’s look at cost.

You can get a tablet, lets say Kindle, for about $100 or less while some people prefer to read books on their personal laptops through the Kindle Cloud Reader or Kindle app on their phones.

They are nice, easy to care for, and don’t weigh you down like bulky books, but for the sake of this article, they carry your germs and not everyone else’s…that is unless you love to share. (Word of advice – kick that elementary habit during pandemics, okay?)

Unfortunately, while e-book sales are sky-rocketing, book sales at brick and mortar stores have taken a major hit. This is absolutely terrible because, even though the pandemic has made things uncomfortable, we all know that the literary world won’t ever make it without the paperback, no matter how we look at it.

Not only that, none of us actually own our e-books.

It’s like a permanent borrow or something. In proper terms, we are all licensing our e-books. We don’t own them, so if let’s say an online retailer shuts down – welp – kiss those books bye bye and go repurchase them. All of them.

I, honestly, don’t want a future without paperbacks or hardbacks. That would be a pandemic all its own, to have every book wiped out accidentally, on purpose or because an online store tanks. Imagine.

No. Don’t. Still, I know it’s going to happen someday.

Anyway, let’s keep it lively and congratulate e-books on their rise to power, but let’s remember that we all must support our brick and mortar stores since they hold the keys the foundation and reason why e-books exist in the first place – the solid, bulky, enjoyable books that even two year olds can go off to a corner and enjoy without it running out of battery life.

If you happen to be out and about and all masked up, stop in and either donate or make some book purchases from your local bookstores. They need us, like we will definitely need them – and libraries – in the future.

Think of our future – this time really. Education would halt, historical records would be lost and more if everything was eee’d and suddenly wiped out. So let’s celebrate e-books for now and the future as a great addition to what we already have, but we must never forget, we need hard copies of everything to link one age to another successfully.

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