Donald Trump, the Mob at the Capitol & Senator Hawley’s Upcoming Book – ALL CANCELED

Basically, here is what took place on January 6 at the Capitol of the United States of America while Congress was in the middle of confirming President Elect Joe Biden prior to his Inauguration later in the month. Donald Trump happened… along with the mob he advised to come to the Capitol, along with other Republican congressmen such as Ted Cruz for instance, and even the president’s own son Trump Jr., to protest.

The protest turned into feces being spread across the walls of the Capitol, windows being shattered, five people dying including a Capitol officer, and a full out invasion of the Capitol while Congress…HAD TO HIDE. Some Capitol officers were even thrilled to see the mob, helping them and snapping photos with them. Who were the mob? Trump supporters, rioters who belong to extremist groups and are conspiracy theory followers that truly believe that Americans can’t count. That’s right. They believe Trump won the election and want recount after recount…after…recount.

The chaos was so bad that there were even cocktails and automatic weapons in a truck on the grounds of The Capitol! All this to say that it was domestic terrorism at its most gross form, leading to the cancellation of Senator Josh Hawley’s book The Tyranny of Big Tech because he, too, along with the mob and Trump, was said to have pushed for an overturning of the election in order to keep Trump in office when he clearly lost.

Simon & Schuster will not publish Hawley’s book, according to NYT, due to the outrage of what looked to most people with eyes who watched the mob storm the Capitol, like treason and terrorism. People do not want that book out because they feel he was part of the mayhem, so Simon & Schuster pulled it.

Hawley has threatened to take them to court. Let’s see what happens next. Are his rights being taken or is it also the right of a publisher to decline books because it is what they don’t want or stand for?

Hawley can always elect to self publish. Either way, Trump, the mob at the Capitol and Hawley have all been canceled.

And that is literally life. Talk about Tyranny.

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