Donald Trump Is About To Lose It! Mary Trump’s Book To Hit EARLY!

Despite all the punching and uppercuts to shut down the release of this best selling tell-all memoir, Mary Trump, niece of President Donald Trump, will release her book two whole weeks early!

Somebody at the White House is about to be angry, as well as his brother Robert who went swinging trying to halt its publication.


According to CNBC, the book TOO MUCH AND NEVER ENOUGH: HOW MY FAMILY CREATED THE WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS MAN, is hitting the shelves, online and brick and mortar stores, on July 14th instead of the previous release date.

Count you all. This is next week…like Tuesday of next week. If you haven’t downloaded this book already, here is the link to Amazon. Just click and have it delivered at midnight to your kindle app or device.

We are in for a treat. The political kind that bursts in your mouth like Pop-its.

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