Discover the Life of One of the Richest Black Women of the 1900s In the Book The Great Mrs. Elias

The first question is who was Hannah Elias? In real life and in short, she was an African American woman who had to turn to sex work in order to survive after having been arrested for a small crime (stealing a cape) when she was 14 years old and sentenced to a couple of months.

From there, she had no home, but afterwards she met an older man who set her up with large sums of money and made her owner of real estate which she rented out while passing as white. However, that all ended, and she soon rented only Black people.

That story was really in short form about the real Mrs. Hannah Elias, however, we get to all dig in to the fiction that is based on that true story about one of the most wealthy African American women who “passed” for a while in the early 1900s.

Written by author Barbara Chase-Riboud is the novel The Great Mrs. Elias where Mrs. Elias becomes surrounded by danger and possible loss due to a murder scandal which could lead her to losing all of her fortune! What will happen to Mrs. Elias? Well you can determine it all for yourself in the real life story of Hannah Elias or you can definitely become entertained with the twists and turns of this fiction based off of her life.

Not only will this book be a great surprise to many, but for those who don’t know about the author behind the novel, one would be just as thrilled to learn of her many gifts beyond writing, noting her novel Sally Hemings, the enslaved Black woman kept below the earth for the president Thomas Jefferson’s liking to do with her body what he pleased, fathering many children by her as well. Yes, President Thomas Jefferson has black children and grands. We digress…

Barbara Chase-Riboud is also an African American sculptor and poet, which means, it’s all the Black Woman Magic coming through. Back to the soon to release novel, it will be out on February 8th of this brand new year of 2022, so prepare to dive in.

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