Did ABC Execs Try To Silence Sunny Hostin’s Truth In New Book I AM THESE TRUTHS?

Sunny Hostin‘s upcoming memoir I AM THESE TRUTHS is about to release on September 22nd, and information is already leaking about the truths that are inside the book.

Since this is a memoir where she will reveal her identity and justice she has seen and not seen throughout her life, we may as well throw in a report from journalist Yashar Ali, that ABC allegedly tried to stop her from putting the network in a bad light, basically tried to “censor” her truth, months prior to the books release date.

Trying to sensor her for telling the truth about her experiences in life? Could this be true. Sounds like it.

With the current climate hovering over and through and beneath America’s racial grounds, this seems a bit unethical to try and hinder someone’s truth, that is if what ABC wanted Sunny Hostin to retract from her book is true. According to Yashar Ali, who received a copy of the book prior to the release and actually spoke to Sunny Hostin about his intentions with what he read, it seems like what ABC requested could be considered racism at work, coming from a high powered female executive… who has been since fired.

Read the full story in Yashar Ali’s words here because Yahsar tells it best.

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