Dead Fish-edness & Michael Jackson, Matt Lauer & More Comes In Katie Couric’s New Book – Going There!

Katie! Katie, Katie, Katie! Are you really Going There, sis?

All the action is coming from Katie Couric in her super-dishy memoir Going There where she will honestly do exactly what she says in aka terms spill all the tea. Raise your hand if you already know all there is to know about Couric’s personal life? We don’t. Well, it’s in the book.

Raise your hand if you know all there is to know from her perspective on Matt Lauer, her ex TV colleague who was accused of sexual assault? Well, here’s some tid bits… she was obviously floored! Who wouldn’t be?? Betrayed is more like it.

But then, there is the fish thing about Michael Jackson. No, not his breath, but his hand shake. That’s what it felt like to Couric, a dead fish. Obviously, she has held one before, so that handshake would be defined as gross.

If that alone doesn’t get you to wondering what else she will spill in Going There during her super long career in journalism, I don’t know what else will. I mean… I’m still stuck on MJ’s hand to be honest.

It’s out on October 26st. Check her below by the way where she says the situation with Matt Lauer was “really, really, hard” and it took her much time to process all that was going on. She knew a “kind and generous and considerate” man, but as she got more a behind the scenes glimpse from all the information coming out about the details of sexual assault, “it was really upsetting.”

It must have been a nightmare finding out all of this about someone she thought she knew, making her take a look back at everything. Craziness.