Creator of Captain Underpants Has Ook and Gluk Book Pulled For Passive Racism

The book The Adventures of Ook and Gluk: Kung Fu Cavemen from the Future was pulled by Scholastic due to what is noted by the publisher as as “passive racism” inside the story, written and created by popular Captain Underpants author Dave Pilkey.

It is their obligation to bring positive representation to all in a diverse society, according to the message from Scholastic, which is why they are discontinuing the 2010 title.

Meanwhile, the author Dave Pilkey has expressed that he didn’t mean to offend any one or any race purposely, and the original meaning behind the book was to actually utilize Chinese philosophy while showing diversity and “non-violent conflict resolution“. The author also apologizes for the wrong that the story posed to the Asian community, and he asks for forgiveness. Pilkey also supports the publisher’s decision.