Cicely Tyson Talks Bill Cosby, Race, Physical Abuse & Black American Versus African Roles in Hollywood in Pre-Book Release Interview

Just As I Am by Cicely Tyson

The great Cicely Tyson has a memoir releasing on January 26, 2021 titled Just As I Am, and this will be her first memoir ever in her life of 96 years.

She recently did an interview with New York Times, she communicated about many topics, some of which were on race and what is called “Uncle Tomming”, Bill Cosby and how she never experienced the prosecuted side of him ever.

She speaks of and even being physically abused by Miles Davis, saying that the only time he punched her was in the chest at the beginning of their relationship. At the same time, she speaks of the hurt and shy man inside of him as well as drug abuse, which added to some of his misbehavior.

Tyson also explains how she that Black Africans are making the movie roles slimmer for Black Americans since Hollywood has chosen to pull from Africa for many roles. She believes that this had made many Black American male actors quite upset.

Of course, this can and will be a controversial topic, which she acknowledges in a quick “They will kill me for that!“, especially when one sees that African Americans, white and Black British have played roles of African people as well. However, Cicely Tyson doesn’t hold her tongue and one would expect she not at her queen age.

Read the full interview at The New York Times

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