Chimamanda’s AMERICANAH Goes HBO Series & Controversy Ensues Over Star Actress

Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel Americanah had already hit best seller status and gotten the backing of actress Danai Gurira of Walking Dead and model/actress Lupita Nyongo to bring the book to film a while ago. However, those movie plans changed, and Americanah will be turned into a series with HBO, the series pilot written by Gurira.

Despite all the great news of this touching story of a Nigerian woman who ends up leaving her home country to end up in the land of America where her skin thrusted her, for the first time, into knowing what it is to be “black”, there is a controversy that has brewed from Kenyan Lupita Nyongo playing the starring role of the Nigerian character as she isn’t native to the country.

The Nigerian character in the novel Americanah is Igbo, and there are many Igbo who are particularly frustrated because they feel that there could have been an Igbo actress chosen to have the role. On the other hand, many Igbo aren’t as bothered by the fact that Lupita Nyongo is playing the role because although from a different country and ethnic group, they consider it wonderful that an African has the role because they are all African.

In the midst of all the controversy, plans for the HBO series will continue, and Chimamanda’s Americanah will hopefully be translated into a masterpiece on television as well.

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