Chef Marcus Samuelsson Teams Up With Pepsi To Showcase the Tasty Cuisines of Black America in Docuseries

Chef Marcus Samuelsson, author of several cookbooks, the most recent titled The Rise: Black Cooks and the Soul of American Food has teamed up with Pepsi for a brand new docuseries about Black cuisine in America titled You Have to Taste This.

Inside the docuseries, one will clearly see that Black cuisines are not monolithic, but very diverse all over the Americas. The showcasing of Black-owned restaurants and Black history in the Americas when it comes to food is long overdue. Now, Chef Marcus Samuelsson is a part of bringing rich culture and traditions to life visually with Pepsi Dig In through food.

Starting in the south, the restaurants that will be highlighted in the mini-docuseries include:

  • Dukunoo (Jamaican cuisine) in Miami, Florida
  • Slutty vegan in Atlanta
  • Ben’s Chili Bowl in Washington DC
  • Samulesson’s own restaurant Red Rooster Overtown in Miami, Florida

You Have to Taste This will premiere on August 18th on Pepsi Dig In social platforms via @PepsiDigIn as well as on Marcus Samuelsson’s YouTube channel.

Get a look here: