Celebrity Memoirs To Hit In November Through 2022 That Need To Hit Your Fingertips!

Hitting May 2022 is the memoir from one of the Real Housewives of Potomac who established herself on her brains but clearly brought the questions and controversy when she established her body, particularly “Happy” and “Ness”. She became the housewife who knows well that brains, body, books and butt can go together in a great package to launch businesses as a BOSS, wife and mother, and it doesn’t curb her smarts, education or morale one bit.

On May 2022, Dr. Wendy Osefo is releasing her first memoir titled Tears of My Mother: The Legacy of My Nigerian Upbringing which goes into the depths of being raised under a strong Nigerian mother with rigid rules of achievement but at the same time after reaching the full level of success as her mother wanted, she now wonders, as she did on the show, how to carve her own other path which could be just as successful but more her choice.

Sounds interesting, right?

Basketball lovers, where y’all at? Socttie Pippen, the basketball phenom that we all loved to watch when he played for the Chicago Bulls, is about to release his memoir titled Unguarded.

Here’s the scoop hoop:

Did you know that the Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen was actually overlooked by all the college programs… like literally? Shows who may have been under qualified to scout, right? But peep this, inside the memoir, Pippen goes reveals how he hated that Michael Jordan sidekick label and how he knows he should have gotten more individual media and management attention for what he alone brought to the court.

And then he will talk about Michael Jordan and what it was like to deal with him on the daily, offense and defense. He won’t only discuss Jordan but others as well as some of the career highlight games.

If you want to really go all in, Pippen’s Unguarded is the one. Oh yeah… it dunks on the 9th of November.

Speaking of Basketball back then, let’s bring it up to now with Dwayne Wade and his upcoming memoir Dwyane. Now, this isn’t a solely literary memoir but a photographic one with over 200 pics besides the ones on social media because you know how he’s always snappin’ and dappin’ on the web with wife Union.

Digging into the pics you will find photos taken by Bob Metelus covering a whole decade, and along with that, he will go into his family life and more. Again… we know lots, but of course there is more, and the great thing is, Dwyane is releasing it his own way.

November 16th, say cheese!

We know that Rachel Lindsay was the most enjoyable Bachelorettes to hit the show (top it off with the fact that she was the first Black one so she came with that magic), and she’s back with her book Miss Me With That.

Inside the book, Rachel L. will dive into all her stuff that we don’t now about with a multitude of essays which delve into her childhood and rearing, race and BLM, as well as love and the “permission she gave herself to be imperfect”.

That last line though. That’s a grabber, so grab it now or on January 25th of 2022 when it hits the market like a bunch of juicy apples.