Celebrate the National Negro Leagues History In These Exciting Baseball Books

The National Negro Leagues 100th year anniversary took place on August 16th, and even though the league was basically dissolved with the death of founder Rube Foster’s lead the integration of baseball, all is still remembered and honored.

Here are some books to keep the National Negro League in memory and honor the movement which paved the way for African American baseball players, who ultimately made the game more popular.

Willie’s Boys is all about Baseball Hall of Famer Willie Mays and how he became a baseball legend, hitting 660 homeruns and 12 Gold Glove Awards, who started gaining more experience with the Negro League’s Black Barons at the game at the age of 16 before signing with the NY Giants.

The book also goes into the rivalry between the two Negro League teams that was ultimately the last Negro Legue World Series, all written by John Klima.

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