Can & Will Books On Race & Racism Help Heal America?

Books. They carry and relay the information that societies around the world need and rely on for historical and modern day facts. Written words have the ability to link generations to past and future societies that have fallen and thrived.

However, can books on race and racism help heal America, and even the other countries of the world, of their racial histories?

For the most part, books on racism, how to not be a racist, anti-racism and the like are great foundations that spread a platform for understanding another perspective and even give a link to empathy when it comes to those who are trying to understand those who have been disenfranchised.

Besides, we have all learned history from one era to another and one place or another. As a matter of fact, we have all lived on this planet, and aren’t foreign to listening to at least one person, who is familiar or not to us, fan the flames of racism. We either confronted it, or we didn’t. That was by choice. We either ignored it or glared it in the eyes. That was also by choice. We have watched it in movies and either agreed with it or not.

If one is to learn and change from reading books on the topic of racism, one must not just read the book, remember details and equip themselves for any and all debates. One, instead, must also execute actions that correspond to the healthy insight learned while reading such literature on racism, anti-racism, civil rights and the plight of black people.

Although it is great and needed to get and read books which not only support black authors and writers, people must allow these wonderfully written books to evoke change in their attitudes, moods and understanding of black people which will thus alter any racist actions against black people as well, from hovering over them in retail stores to the various derogatory assumptions that have plagued black communities for generations.

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While books on racism and anti-racism will help lay a foundation for those who are and have been closed off from certain communities, the real healing will come from action and a dedicated mind and heart that decides to stand against racism in all forms. (After reading books on racism, one will find there are many forms of the pandemic of racism, some overt and others not easily noticeable.)

The latter where some books help. Other books will help with techniques that show how to not be a racist or how to not stereotype. In the end, books are the best support that one can and should tote and learn from, especially for beginners trying to turn over a new leaf, but all beginners must remember to take the knowledge and turn it into action along with a change of heart.

The heart of the matter is where the healing roots run deep. The wonderful books are the steps to its manifestation. The choice to be anti-racist and anti-racism is the manifestation.

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