Books That Reveal How African Americans Led the Way For True FREEDOM in America

The American military wasn’t always an equal opportunity force, even up through much of the 1900s. African Americans were only allowed to be cooks and clean well up into the mid 1900s, until some valiant black men decided to challenge the racist ideologies and laws that upheld white supremacy in America and in its military.

The Golden 13: How Black Men Won the Right to Wear Navy Gold by Dan C. Goldberg tells the true story of how the Navy finally enlisted black men due to pressures from civil rights advocates, and how these same men scored the highest on tests, surpassing all the white men enlisted in the Navy.

These triumphs opened the door to black men across America, but there was still an uphill climb to be respected and even saluted, treated as equal when on the same team.

Read this book to gain a clear perspective on how the moves of black people led America to the democracy of today.

Have you ever heard the story of African American soldiers rescuing Jewish captives from a German concentration camp? If not, read Balm in Gilead: A Story from the War by John L. Withers II.

After finding the boys being held captive in a Dachau concentration camp, they hid the Jewish boys inside their military housing for as long as a year with permission, thus, saving the boys’ lives.

These black soldiers rescued these two, and they became Holocaust survivors.

When most people think of slavery, they think of no way out, stuck, and a life of turmoil to no end. Well, there were some black men and women who started off enslaved in America, but rose to become millionaires.

In the book by Shomari Wills titled Black Fortunes: The Story of the First Six African Americans who Survived Slavery and Became Millionaires, you will discover the stories of Mary Ellen Pleasant in the Gold Rush, Robert Reed Church and the land he owned, Hannah Elias and her Harlem empire, chemist Annie Turnbo-Malone who turned her knowledge into the first national brand of hair care products, O. W. Gurley and how he blossomed Black Wall Street and the truth on Madam C.J. Walker.

It shows that through determination and taking advantage of each and every opportunity, whether large or small, black people were and still are able to advance, even when the laws stacked against them, leading the way to true democracy in America for African Americans.

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