Bob Woodward Outs Donald Trump On Tape & In New Book – RAGE – Against the Lies

“You just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed.”

“It’s also more deadly than your more strenuous flu.”

“This is deadly stuff.”

Who spoke all these coronavirus aka Covid 19 comments that were caught on tape, according to The Washington Post coming from Bob Woodward‘s RAGE? Donald Trump… who just happens to be someone’s President of the United States of America. After he said this behind closed doors at the beginning of the outbreak, he comes out on television and says the exact opposite like the devil to the American public that he is supposed to “love” and protect.

He then goes on television again on September 9, 2020 and says he didn’t want the American public to panic.

Let’s think on this for a second.

If an elephant is charging your best friend. You see it before your friend does. You saw it from miles away while your friend slept. The elephant wasn’t stopping. Your friend is directly in the line of stomp to death. What do you do? Rush to wake up your dear friend, rush you and your friend out of the line of stomp to death so that you and your friend continues to have life… that is if you love your friend.

If you don’t love your friend, you…just…watch. You call your friend and tell her to have a good night while watching from safety as the elephant comes charging until there is no escape. Guts revealed.

The police and ambulance come and ask why didn’t you wake your friend? She was sleeping. I didn’t want her to panic.

This is what Trump did to his so called friends, the American people, except it wasn’t an elephant. It was an invisible, microscopic elephant packing a deadly punch coming directly to our shores on all sides.

He let it come because of … fear of American panic, but he did not fear not being prepared? Okay so the question is, if he didn’t want Americans to panic, why didn’t he take on that extra surge of adrenaline and panic for us and shut the borders down, get PPE out and fund the states properly?

Could it be for the same reason why the friend didn’t wake the best friend when the large elephant was coming?

So now…if this doesn’t give one enough reason to find out more about what Bob Woodward states in his upcoming masterpiece RAGE, due out next week, I don’t know what will.

Opinion written by author and entrepreneur Mirika Mayo Cornelius

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