Black Men and Women, Mental Health & Overall Self Care Must Read Books

Mental health is so important, however, for Black people, it’s something that has been either been a taboo subject or simply shunned because Black women and Black women had to deal with everything for centuries, through the mentally torturous time of slavery and onward. Mental health what?

Inside my own book, Curse the Cotton, the main character goes into a dilapidated mental state because of the violence and heartache she had to see, live through and in and carry, which was something very real in the times of bondage for Black men and women. The problem persisted due to the nonavailability of mental health for them. Of course, slave traders needed their own mental health check as well for it takes a depraved, sick mind to not only catalogue but bonfire while watching Black people burn at the stake. Sounds fairly demonic to me. One group was simply hell-raising, but the other group was tortured via the hell-raising into deep depressions.

All that being stated, here we are in modern times and Black people are only recently opening up to treatment for mental illnesses and therapies, far more than the past. Here are some books that will guide Black women and men into a better mental space at a time to understand that treatment is not taboo.

By Stephanie Evans, Black Women’s Mental Health shows the challenges of Black women that could contribute to their mental health issues as well as solutions to bring them up and out while rejecting the superwoman complex that has dominated over Black women for centuries.