Black Hair. Is There Really a Problem There or Lack of Knowledge and Training?

Oh the days of growing up with a mother that knew all about black natural hair! She didn’t need a cosmetology license to know how it curls and what to do with those curls, how to make them pop, and how to make them rock. She knew how to make them look fantastic, and she also knew how to make them straight, all the while no breakage or super split ends, from cornrows to braids, to afros to laced down my back.

Question is – what happened to all that knowledge that was passed to my mother and to me? The relaxer happened. That was the cure all for many black women, and at that point, there became a lack of education on how to keep hair natural and healthy or even relaxed and healthy while looking fabulous.

Black women everywhere were relaxing and wigging because it was fast and worked, but for many, their hair wasn’t growing healthily, but instead, growing brittle, even under a wig. Meanwhile, some of those who chose to go natural didn’t know how or simply forgot how to maintain that natural in a wonderful way.

For the women who were desperate to get back to their roots – hair roots – and create a beautiful natural head of black hair due to becoming anti-chemical, health reasons, or just wanting to wear their natural look – many honestly didn’t know how to get there.

Not only that, many trained cosmetologists still don’t know how to get there either when it comes to black hair, especially in many salons that are in predominantly white areas that only have cosmetologists who are unfamiliar with natural black hair.

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Where does that leave the black residents of that area? Quite stuck or having to travel miles out to get their hair treated, healed from damage done over time in order to grow a nice new head of gorgeous hair, trimmed or just plain washed and styled!

Of course, some women have learned all on their own through literature on black hair. Here are some best selling books on black hair and what to do when you either forgot or don’t know what to do with the gift growing from your black roots. (Flip the pages below)

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