Black & Brown Authors Being BANNED From Schools Is the New Shackling of Black Literature

Today there is so much to talk about when it comes to race and racism, and at times it seems that all the diversity “training” going on isn’t being fully understood. In this case, there is a report that some schools are literally banning books written by Black and Brown authors. Say what now?

The facts are that history will only be clear when shown through the lenses of everyone. The reason for this is that everyone literally stands in a different spot at the same moment in time. While one thing is going on, another thing is happening that one person missed, thus, failed to add to the whole story. Therefore, the story, or history, will have holes in it, or miss pertinent, eye-opening facts.

This is why diversity is necessary, especially in schools all around the United States of America. There are so many success stories from Black and Brown people that will never be unearthed if those books aren’t allowed in school. There are so many with crucial historical relevancy that need to be told so that people of all ethnic groups can be aware of everyone’s contributions instead of feeling “left out” of the country that is their own.

Let’s back track – no one banned White authored books back in the day, even when those books portrayed Black people in the most demeaning ways. However, now that Black and Brown people more voices in books, because in history’s past, most Black people weren’t allowed to even admit they could read because it was a crime, it seems that society wants to keep their sides of the stories canceled.

Say it ain’t so? It’s so. Even teachers are now afraid to even teach certain Black history because of this whole canceling of spectacular authors such as James Baldwin, and according to the same report from YorkDispatch, a coloring book with pics and designs out of Africa. Seriously?

Is it only okay to learn the American white way in schools so that white children won’t ever have to learn about anyone else? Is this what this is about? It seems so, but those same children are the precious little ones who need many of the lessons about every other ethnicity.

Black and Brown people have always learned white history and perspective. Isn’t it time they read books and enjoy books by Black and Brown authors as Black and Brown children have white authors? Or is it that the school boards feel that Black and Brown authors and stories disturb and disrupt the imbalance, or privilege, that comes with the ignorance of America’s reality in history?

There are many questions as to why, but one thing is for sure. No Black or Brown book hates America. It’s just the voices of the muffled, and most of the people in charge haven’t grown used to feasting on the dishes served from the other side. Meanwhile, Black and Brown people have swallowed the dishes whole served by white cooks for centuries.

Is it not time for a bit of spice – the spice that was the main ingredient for America’s success over the centuries all these years?

Keep Black and Brown books in schools. There has never been success in America without Black and Brown people. It’s our America, too. Don’t institute a new “shackling”…but wait…is this literary shackling even new at all? One must read a historically true and unaltered book to know that, huh? Not one of convenience.

This Book Entertainment News article was written by Co-founder of Akirim Press, chief editor and author Mirika Mayo Cornelius