Black & African American Mystery, Fantasy And Historical Books To Read In Summer 2021

Summer 2021 is booming with Black and African American books in the categories of Mystery, Fantasy and Historical! Books by best selling authors Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray and even glimpses into WWII history with a book by Kaia Alderson. Take a look below!

Skeletons are bound to surface from the depths at the release of the historical fiction written by Lyndsey Ellis titled Bone Broth which follows the life of a civil rights activist and funeral thief, mom and widow who is in mourning after the loss of her husband during turbulent times of racial tension.

We can’t forget about the sisters! Sisters in Arms, a new book by Kaia Alderson, is all about the Black Women who served during World War II called the Six Triple Eight who carried the messages to the American soldiers from their families while the fought for everyone, in a voyage from America to Europe.

Island Queen is based on the true life story of a Caribbean woman named Dorothy Kirwan Thomas who came out of the harsh life of enslavement during the colonial period to become one of the wealthiest people the West Indies. Find out all about it when you read her story.

This book is set to release on July 6, 2021 and is written by Vanessa Riley.

The Personal Librarian is one of those classic historical fiction reads that takes us into a story about a Black woman who is the daughter of the first Black graduate from Harvard University, but although she is Black, she must make it a buried secret because she is passing as white as she is chosen to curate the a treasured collection of manuscripts.

To release on June 29, 2021, written by best selling author Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray.