Betrayal,Controversy and Friendship Torn in New Book MELANIA AND ME

Of course, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff’s book Melania and Me is already a bestseller in Biographies of the Rich and Famous, but what everyone will soon find out is lurks within the pages of the book that will release on September 1st.

Books are releasing rapidly against the Trumps, and it is Melania’s turn as her former friend and advisor tells all about the woman who is now First Lady of the United States of America…you know the one that wore the green jacket sporting the words “I really don’t care, do you?” That one.

I think she cares about this book release. Can the jacket.

Something tore the friendship between Melania and Stephanie apart. According to Wolkoff, she was accused of inauguration finance irregularities, and instead of being defended by her trusted friend, Melania didn’t speak up for her even though she knew “full well who to blame.”

Inside the book, Wolkoff will address what she considers “the betrayal”, how Melania really feels about being First Lady of the United States of America, her relationship with Ivanka as well as Trump’s affairs.

All of this is less than twenty four hours. Let me help you out – get your copy.

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